EasyPay, ePay.bg and ePayGO new logotype and design system

Evolution rather than revolution was the keyword when we redesigned the Bulgarian national fin-tech benchmark brand. EasyPay is the leading Bulgarian transactions and community bills payment operator but the link to its siblings ePay.bg and ePayGO was not visible and evident to the audience. We developed a new design system which creates synergy across the brands in the EasyPay universe and moves the visual narrative few levels ahead. We created simple yet bold design icon that can carry the brand tone across media, activities and styles. The overall design signature was developed with digital first intention making all brands well recognizable into the digital world from web sites to mobile apps to social posts and stories.

We created:
– Logotype Design
– Identity
– Brand Design System
– Stationery Identity
– Visual Tone-of-voice
– Mobile App Design

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